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The accuracy and readability of these first ten books of translations have been significantly improved with the aid of extensive corrections, preview comments, and editorial suggestions generously contributed by Bhikkhu Bodhi, Jon Babcock, Timothy J. Lenz, Upāsaka Feng Ling, Upāsaka Guo Ke, Upāsikā Min Li, and Richard Robinson. Additional valuable editorial suggestions and corrections were offered by Bhikshu Huifeng and Bruce Munson.

The publication of the initial set of ten translation volumes has been assisted by substantial donations to the Kalavinka Dharma Association by Bill and Peggy Brevoort, Freda Chen, David Fox, Upāsaka Guo Ke, Chenping and Luther Liu, Sunny Lou, Jimi Neal, and "Leo L." (a.k.a. Camellia sinensis folium). Additional helpful donations were offered by Doug Adams, Diane Hodgman, Bhikshu Huifeng, Joel and Amy Lupro, Richard Robinson, Ching Smith, and Sally and Ian Timm.

Were it not for the ongoing material support provided by my late guru’s Dharma Realm Buddhist Association and the serene translation studio provided by Seattle’s Bodhi Dhamma Center, creation of these translations would have been immensely more difficult.

Most importantly, it would have been impossible for me to produce these translations without the Dharma teachings provided by my late guru, the Weiyang Ch’an Patriarch, Dharma teacher, and exegete, the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua.