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Nāgārjuna on Mindfulness of the Buddha - Bilingual

(Bilingual Chinese-English Edition)


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Nāgārjuna on Mindfulness of the Buddha (Bilingual)

Bilingual Chinese-English Edition

Nāgārjuna Explains Three "Mindfulness-of-the-Buddha" Practices
By Ārya Nāgārjuna (ca 2nd c.)

"Nāgārjuna on Mindfulness of the Buddha" consists of three extended passages from Bhikshu Dharmamitra’s original annotated translations from Sino-Buddhist Classical Chinese of works written by Ārya Nāgārjuna (circa 150 ce). All three of these passages have been selected from Tripitaka Master Kumārajīva’s early Fifth Century Sanskrit-to-Chinese translations of works by Nāgārjuna, as follows:

1) “The Easy Practice” -- Nāgārjuna’s Treatise on the Ten Grounds, Chapter 9;

2) “The Pratuyutpanna Samādhi” -- Nāgārjuna’s Treatise on the Ten Grounds, Chapters 20-25;

3) “Recollection of the Buddha” -- Nāgārjuna’s Exegesis on the Mahāprajnāpāramitā Sūtra, Chapter 1, Part 36-1.

This special "Bilingual Chinese-English Edition" includes facing-page simplified (Qianlong Zang) and traditional (Taisho) Chinese scripts. For the "English-Only Edition," Click Here.

378 pages, paper, 6" x 9"

ISBN: 9781935413158


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